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Ever wonder what happens to that big dumpster of roofing trash that you see in people’s driveways when they are having a roofing job done?

Does it get recycled or does it just end up in your local landfill?

We at Roofing Plus live where you do - a place called Planet Earth.

Roofing Plus recycles the waste materials we remove from a project through a cooperative effort with Waste Management of Colorado. While landfills might get roofing refuse from other companies, we keep ours out.

The problem is this:

Even though other roofers might use the same service, there is no way of knowing whether or not the dumpster in your drive way includes recycling (it is an option).

The only way to find out is to ask your roofer whether or not they do recycle.

Even when our projects are outside the Denver/Lakewood metropolitian areas, we always attempt to contract with waste services providers that recycle materials.

Most of our project involve traditional asphalt shingles and it surprises some people to learn that the shingles that once protected their homes - "live again" as the paving for roads in their area!

All roofing materials be they metal, asphalt shingles or even terra cotta tiles can be recycled, but not all roofing contractors do so. Some roofers consider recycling an unnecessary expense that affects their bottom line. Despite that, we recycle - and at no additional charge to you; it’s included.


It just makes good sense.

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