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When it comes to roofers, we know itís a quagmire out there.

Since 1982 we are only too aware that some of our "competition" doesnít measure up to the standards of workmanship, quality of products and professionalism used by Roofing Plus. Local Denver TV stations consistenly report scam artists that plague homeowners after a weather event that causes roofing damage, but Roofing Plus is neither a fly-by-night scammer nor a newcomer to roofing services in Colorado. In fact, we have been called in to fix some of the damage caused by second-rate roofers on more than one occasion!

Even home owners who have had past experiences with various roofing companies face a never-ending array of estimates, advice and promises and changes to insurance policies that can be both disheartening and confusing.

For the people who need a new/repair/replacement roof and need help -- Roofing Plus is there for you.

But still, how do you know that Roofing Plus can live up to its reputation (and what is that reputation anyway?).


The BBB A rating can, in itself be a bit confusing. You can find any number of roofing companies that proclaim at least an A rating (but very, very few with an A rating) and more than a few that donít bother to list a BBB rating at all. Although some people take BBB ratings with a grain of salt, we at Roofing Plus are proud of our reputation and after 30 years in the roofing business (one of the criteria the BBB uses to rate companies) - we must be doing something right!

The point being is that a good roof is an asset to any home and business owner.

Itís your investment that is at stake and we work to provide you with the best coverage possible!

Need more information, use the panel above and send us a quick email with your requirements. We will get back to you in a timely manner (always).

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